Cap Rate Realty

947 E Johnstown Rd
Columbus, OH 43230
Phone: (855) 406-4253

This week's open houses !

Available Style Rent Beds Baths Basement Sect 8 Pets Sani Insp Notes
2735 Pontiac C Thurs 1/14/21 5-6PM Sun 1/17/21 12-1 1/14/21 Ranch Apt $775 2 1 N Y 1 pet at $25 E No New paint, lights, etc..
2735 Pontiac B Thurs 1/14/21 5-6PM Sun 1/17/21 12-1 1/14/21 Ranch Apt $850 2 1 N Y 1 pet at $25 E No Fully Rehabbed! With washer/dryer hookup.
4014 Carlton Sun 1/17/21 4:30-5:30 1/9/2021 Ranch Apt $825 2 1 Y Y NO PETS No New everything!
1514 Myrtle Rd Sun 1/17/21 2:15-3PM 2/1/21 House $950 3 1 Y N Up to 2 @ $25 E Yes Adorable and right beside new park!
1646 Smith Rd Sun 1/17/21 3:30-4:15 2/1/21 Townhouse $825 2 1 Y Y Up to 2 @ $25 E Yes Fully Rehabbed! 

APPLICATION DETAILS: *Application Fee is $45.00 per adult. It can be paid online with a credit card, or you can Zelle it to You can also drop it off at our office at 1259 E. Hudson St. Columbus, Oh 43211. Do NOT mail it. Our mail is very slow, and it can take weeks to get to us. HARD NO’S: Evictions, arson charges and / or drug distribution / drug trafficking / possession with intent to sell, outstanding past utility company debt, outstanding past landlord debt.It takes 1-4 days for an approval because we require one job referral and one former landlord referral. Sometimes employers and landlords take a few days to get back to us. 

Or click on the application tab on the web-site. If you are unable to apply online, please call us at 1-614-406-4253 to meet and do a paper application.APPLY ONLINE:  

*Each person 18 or over intending to live in the home must apply.

You will need to upload the following, so have them ready when you apply.

Your Driver's License or State ID

Your last 2 paystubs

Your SSI / Disability proof of income-Only if you are counting it toward income

Health Insurance Card -Only if you are counting it toward income

Proof of PIPP benefit- Only if you are counting it toward income

Proof of food stamp / SNAP benefit- Only if you are counting it toward income

Proof of child support -Only if you are counting it toward income

If there are any incidents in your past that you feel merit explanation, please add to the application under “Anything you feel would add to your application” section.

If you have trouble uploading the documents, e-mail them to

PLEASE NOTE: You must have your rent lock or security deposit ready when you apply.

Rental Criteria:

Self-Pay tenants: Must make 3 times the rent in gross income. Minimum credit score requirement of 575. If your credit is under 575, we will consider your application, but you will need a total of 3 month’s rent to move in. First month’s rent, last month’s rent, and rent lock.

SECTION 8 / CMHA / INTEGRATED SERVICES / FAITH MISSION: No minimum credit score. Must have income of 2x the rent in gross income. We do include food stamps, Medicaid, and PIPP as income, so put those numbers in your application. You will need to provide documents showing the benefits.


We REQUIRE a former landlord referral unless you qualify for permanent supportive housing via Faith Mission or Integrated Services. Please make sure the name and address of the owner / property manager for your current residence is listed. Applications with no landlord contact information will NOT BE PROCESSED.

Please fill out all social media you have.

EVICTIONS- We do not accept evictions. We count dropped evictions at 50% the weight of a regular eviction. If you have more than one dropped eviction, it counts the same as a full eviction.

CRIME-We are very liberal on crime, with the exceptions of arson and drug distribution / drug trafficking / possession with intent to sell. They are hard no’s.

 HOW WE CALCULATE INCOME. We use your gross pay, social security, disability, food stamps / SNAP benefits, child support, PIPP benefit, and your healthcare costs into the calculation. Please make sure you send proof of each.


*We take credit, criminal, eviction, as well as landlord and job recommendations into account on decisions.

*The employees holding the open houses are not the decision makers on applications.


NEXT STEPS. Once you have issued an approval, you must pay the $75 lease creation and onboarding fee before we will write a lease for you. Your rent lock or security deposit is due within 72 hours of receiving the lease via e-mail. * PLEASE NOTE-We do not wait on third party payments, such as PRC, Shelter Care Plus, Community Shelter Board, etc. for initial fees.

HOW LONG WE HOLD HOUSES. You must start paying rent within 14 days of unoccupied units, or within 7 days of occupied units. 


Cap Rate Realty does not discriminate based on ancestry, race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin or military status.